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Obituary: Dr. J M Juran, Quality Guru Forever

Dr J M Juran peacefully trans-migrated on 28 February. He was in goodhealth at 103 years. He was and will remain a collosal figure in management. May his soul find the peace it so richly deserves. Our collective task is now to keep his work alive. He is survived by his wife who will be 103 in March and a large family of children, grand and great grand children.

J M Juran - Quality colossus and rare gem of a human being. His life is an institution.
In Mahabharatha (Grand India), an Indian mythological epic, there is a story about the royal instructor for practice of arms, Dronocharya (considered the best coach ever) not being able to teach a poor disciple for lack of time. The poor disciple, Eklavya, retreats to a jungle and places a mud and thatch replica of his guru and practices every day. The presence of the mud and thatch replica of Drona is so powerful that Eklavya actually acquires the skills of a master archer.
While th…