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Use ROI to determine ‘What’ and ‘How Much’ of social investment not ‘If you should’.

Quality has many dimensions.  While process and system quality often takes our attention, there are many companies focused on management and organization quality.  If Quality of Life, (borrowed from brand promise of the TATA group from India), is what we seek and work for then SR and Quality cannot remain far away. 

In my MBNQA training sessions and workshops I have often stressed that there are two aspects of the MBNQA core values which separate it from the similar models.  One is Agility and the other is Social Responsibility.

I have observed over 50 companies from close quarters during Performance Excellence assessments (based 
on the MBNQA) and found an interesting co-existence of superior business performance and social responsibility.  I am not suggesting a cause and effect relationship between social responsibility and performance excellence – but a co-existence is surely assured.

Perhaps, companies which do well find it their duty to serve the society OR since they serve the socie…

One month on - How am I doing on my goals?

Paul Borwaski, CEO, ASQ hits the nail on its head when he talks about rolling our sleeves up and executing the goals we set for 2011. This was exactly what was eating me up before I publicly declared my key goals for 2011. What can be worse than the whole world (I like to think that just because I put it on my blog the whole world reads it!) knowing that this big-talking fellow missed all his goals for the year.

Well execution is something that has interested me for long. I have written about it earlier and continue to remain amazed about how so many in leadership positions ignore the value of execution. One factor, and I may get run over by a truck for saying this, could be how easy it is to change jobs these days. In some industries it’s a musical chairs of sorts. The same people move from one company to another. If I know I am all set to move in a year or two how motivated am I likely to be to accomplish any long term goals! Idea – Senior positions must come with a bond to s…