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Improving Education through Quality Principles - some thoughts

Paul Borwaski has a raised the voice for a topic very close to me – quality tools in education.  Much is said about children being the future and education being the key to a better world – but not much is done.  Paul has shared some examples from the US where select institutions are using quality tools to make a difference, for the better.  There are surely such institutions across the world. But these exceptional institutions are exceptions. Very far and few.
There is no denying that quality tools, methods, and practices can play a huge role in changing how education is provided and managed. There are enough examples of successes for institutions to follow.  If companies could learn from successes of other companies, why can’t institutions?
Well they can, if we looked at the forces at work and did something about it.  I am responding more from my exposure to the education system in India.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of being a product of this system.  For understanding what q…