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What is the future of Quality? Does that bother you? Well, if doesn’t then you are probably on Jupiter.

Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ has opened an interest debate on what is the future of quality? ASQ has commissioned a research every three years since 1996 to look into what is the future of quality.  And they keep coming up with interesting drivers for quality. For a current list see
Here is my list of the questions quality needs to help with if it wants to have an impact on our future.
·How will quality help in making the earth last longer? ·How will quality help the changing demographics of the world? ·How will quality help the world a safer place? ·How will quality help business become more competitive? ·How will quality help leaders be more inspirational? ·How will quality help managers be more effective? ·How will quality help kids study better and get smarter?
Making the earth last longer is about preserving our natural resources and taking care of the environment. Quality principles and tools such as Hoshin Kanri and House of Quality could be very useful in t…