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Top 10 Quality Gurus in India - Respond with your nominees.

It’s now been over two weeks with the post on ‘Top 10 Quality Gurus of India’ being out on my Blog and three groups on Linkedin.  We have had over 30 responses with multiple nominations.  Here are some quick insights.
My definition of Guru surely was not clear.  People have responded with names of quality managers (good ones I am sure) to P C Mahalanobis.  This points to the lack of clarity in my original post. Apologies.
We are seeking Gurus – so they have to be in between your managers and P C Mahalanobis. Gurus should have had some original and pioneering work. I agree consultants have an advantage here.  These Gurus should have done majority of their work in India.
I will be setting up a small panel to evaluate the nominations.  We have support from ASQ India to help in this study.
We may have to divide the list into Gurus and Leading Practioners (or a similar title).
Early nominations include:
Gurus P C Mahalanobis J J Irani Suresh Lulla R V Ramchandran Essae Chandran Manu Vohra Hans Bajaria G…

So is Ford a Manufacturing company or a Service one?

Does Bennie Fowler, Group VP of Quality and New Model Launch at Ford, read my blog? I have just finished watching a four part video post of Bennie talking to Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ.  (You can watch it here.) And I am grinning ear to ear as the first part of the video post has Bennie talking about Leadership taking a decision about Quality and then demonstrating the right behaviors. This he is says is what is ‘under the hood’ at Ford. My post last week talked about exactly this – quality culture is about intolerance for poor quality and delivering on promises. And demonstrating the right behavior. Sounds similar. Isn’t it?
While closing the post, Paul says, “I was struck by Bennie’s remark that today, quality must focus on more than product—it must focus on the entire customer experience.”
Brilliant comment Bennie.  So true.  Finally product companies are realizing what Drucker said years ago – all companies are service companies.  (I am not sure if these were his exact words but he d…

Building a Quality Culture - Intolerance for poor quality and delivering on promises does it!

Had an engaging discussion with couple of friends yesterday.Among the topics was the troublesome topic of building a quality culture.What is it and how do you build it?
I am not qualified to comment on it but then have I cared about my qualification on anything? Haha. IMHO building a quality culture is about having the right behaviors and achieving results. Everything boils down to this.If we all don’t behave in interest of quality ALL the time there is little chance we will build a culture that supports quality.And even more importantly if we don’t collectively achieve the results we set out for we don’t build the credibility that is so essential for a quality culture.
Intolerance for poor quality all the time is a key behavior management must demonstrate.This is even more crucial in moments of truth. Haven’t we seen leaders/managers talk much about customer and quality and then when rubber hits the road and the going gets tough these leaders/managers are the first to suggest cutting c…