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Tata Steel: Values Stronger than Steel

I was delighted to know that Dr. J J Irani, the poster boy of Quality in India was recently recognized by the American Society for Quality by inviting him to be the keynote speaker for their annual conference.  An honor, a bit belated, but richly deserved.  His presence at this world stage is indicative of the respect the Tata Group has acquired across the world, the growing importance of Indian industry, and a growing realization at ASQ that there is a world outside America!
Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ, interviewed Dr. Irani during the world conference on quality and improvement and the interview is a gem.  You can watch it here.   Paul has asked some very compelling questions and Dr. Irani has responded with his characteristic candor and maturity.
Tata Steel, Dr. J J Irani, and an Amazing Quality Story I have a slight advantage as I write about Dr. Irani.  I have met him a few times and each time came back impressed with his depth or understanding ability to convey his message in terms t…