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Excellent service is more an attitude than a skill!

On my recent trip to Melbourne I finally decided to listen to advice. I am usually horrible at doing what I am asked to do. It doesn’t help that I am plain, LAZY. I was told if you are in Melbourne don’t miss the Great Ocean Road tour. Now, we all get such recommendations and I was all set to disregard it as advice from over-enthusiastic well-wishers. Something in me told, don’t miss this one. And I didn’t and am so happy I didn’t.

After much scrutiny of the options available we selected AAT Kings, one of three popular operators of tours in Melbourne. The product seemed good but service was exceptional from the time I made the first call. This was perhaps, the most consistent display of excellent service I have ever seen.

The booking was smooth and precise. In fact it was so smooth that I was worried something has gone wrong. I actually called back and checked if the right booking was made. We are so used to poor quality that when we do get good service we cant believe our luck. The …

Future of Quality and thoughts from young minds (not mine!)

We all make our living through quality and should be interested in what the future for Quality looks like. Well, we are lucky. ASQ is doing this for us as they have done for last several years. Paul Borawski, CEO of ASQ and someone working closely on the report has raised a very interesting question. He argues that the future of quality perhaps is critical to the youth of today but the people working the Futures study are all well beyond being categorised as youth. Is there something that we will miss? What do the youth think about quality and its future?

I hate to admit, but I also don’t quality as young by Pual’s definition of 35 years.  But I am not that far off so I can probably answer his question. I also speak to people in quality and many are younger. I spoke to a few for this response. So, I am well prepared, which is not usually the case.

What do professionals under the age of 35 see as the future of quality?
Firstly, they want products and services that just work.  No surprise.…