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Taking Baldrige Global and Why a bit of Recession is Good for Quality?

I am reading A View from the Q with interest.  In this Blog, Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ, has provided an excellent round-up of quality as a profession in 2011. I am writing to add some of my random thoughts.
Firstly, removal of budgetary support to the Baldrige program was a huge step back. In doing so, we can again see how crowding a committee with only finance and lawyer kinds actually takes the world back. Nothing personal, but failing to see what the Baldrige has done and can do for a pittance of investment indicates some serious flaw in policy making in the USA. (Can’t say much because Policy making in my own country has hit an all time low and all involved are the lawyer kinds!) In more ways than one, the US leads the world and what it does may set a precedent in other countries. And that worries me.
While removing budgetary support to Baldrige cannot be understood, I do believe it offers an opportunity. The program has enough in the tank to be self-sufficient.  It could and we …