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A slow and steady Tortoise won’t win the Quality race today

We all would have read the story about slow and steady Tortoise racing with the fast and energetic Hare/Rabbit. Who won? It is time to revisit this story. When Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ, posted earlier this month about the speed of change and the need for quality profession (and professionals) to respond I could hear my smile, loud. What business expects from the quality profession is changing, if not already changed. Improvement cycles are much shorter and quality professionals who want to remain rigid about an established improvement methodology are soon finding themselves alone. Painfully alone. In the last few weeks I have been involved in discussions around number of improvement projects and the duration of these projects. Where is the discussion headed? 2-4-12 So what is this 2-4-12? Quick improvements must be in place within 2 weeks, if not earlier. Improvements that need some analysis and change or stakeholder management have the luxury of 4 weeks. The truly unknown-solution pro…