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Right to Quality

We are in the World Quality Month. Earlier this month, I had written to ASQ India members encouraging all of us to take a further step in raising the voice of quality. My mentor and a Quality Guru, Suresh Lulla wrote back challenging me to do something special this month.
In response, I decided to act on my long standing desire to ‘talk’ quality to school students. I was able to convince two schools to let me conduct a session for senior (grade 11 and 12) students.
The talk was titled ‘Right to Quality’ and was delivered to 41 very patient students on 24 Nov 2012 in Bangalore. The participating schools were Presidency School and St. Paul’s School.
So, what is Right to Quality?
The core message of my talk to students was – If you want good quality delivered to you; begin by delivery good quality in whatever you are doing. It is only through this dedication and action for excellence that we can progress as a nation.
I included basic information on Juran, Deming, and Ishikawa in an effort …

Applying Quality Improvement to Quality

Firstly, I hope you are celebrating World Quality Month in November. I know, some will argue that Quality should be celebrated through the year and not on a day or in a month. I normally see that as an argument for not doing anything. I would rather use this month to raise the voice of quality than argue over a utopian scenario. Please go ahead and try to raise the voice of quality. We need a lot more voices than we have.
Paul Borwaski has this month posed an action oriented question – What can we do to accelerate the rate of adoption of quality?
This is a global priority and Paul has rightly indicated that instead of waiting and praying it will help if we do something about it. Here are some thoughts I have and I am sure you all have many more.
Have more Quality Heroes (mini-gurus)
There won’t be another Juran or Deming. Period. But there can be other lesser gurus or heroes. What are we doing to discover, encourage, and promote these heroes. ASQ did an interesting study in 2010 on New V…

Quality of Design - The Holy Grail of Quality

Paul Borwaski has asked a question - how well understood and embraced are the contributions of the quality professional beyond what is traditionally thought of as the quality function? 
Expectation vs Reality Let’s try to encapsulate how the quality function is understood ‘traditionally’. The lack of attributable empirical evidence allows me to rely on conversations with veterans in the quality profession and on my experiences gathered over the years, these seem to suggest that a quality function is expected to be – Proactive but is perceived as reactive Quick as a hare but is considered to be slow as a snail  Pragmatic but is often accused of being riddled with theoretical ideologies Quality function is expected to be forward looking but is usually found looking in the rear view mirror.
Although a quality function is most active within mainstream activities in either manufacturing or service provisions, inherent practices are agile and adaptable.
Common knowledge clearly shows that …