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Certifications - Filter, Catalyst, and Accelerator

Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ, recently blogged about the value of certification. The ASQ Salary survey, year after year, shows that certified professionals get better jobs and do well in them as well. How does certification help? As usual, I don’t have scientific evidence but am basing my ideas on having spoken with a lot of professionals, both certified and not-certified.
Certification is a filter – in a lot of career choices, recruiters and hiring managers use a certification as a filter. When a lot of applicants are likely to apply for a job it helps to have a filter. Now, this filter is no assurance that only the most suitable candidates pass it. It is just an exercise in narrowing the options. If you are keen to have a career as a Black Belt then a certification will help you in the race.
Certification is a catalyst – applying for a certification can catalyze applicants into being focused on a goal. This is good for applicants who have been floating in their career and haven’t had an…