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Bitter pill: Quality Improvement is most needed in the Quality Profession itself

Earlier this month Paul Borwaski, CEO at ASQ, wrote an interesting and usual post on ASQ having a Doors Open event recently. During this event many at ASQ realized that most people still consider Quality a very ‘Manufacturing’ subject. He ended his post with a question - What new fields or disciplines could most reap the benefits of quality tools and techniques?
So where can quality principles are applied?  We could argue that we can apply them anywhere we like, but I would prefer to apply some criteria. Applying such criteria will help us prioritize and as you know nothing really gets done unless we prioritize.
Quality principles, tools, and methods can be best applied wherever a process exists and it can be broken into steps and is repetitive. Process. Steps. Repetitive.
Of course there will be exceptions to this principle. Quality is very useful in Research but one could argue that the research process is not repeatable. 
Here is my list of some industries which can benefit from appl…