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5 Core Principles of Quality

What are the coreprinciples of Quality? This is a difficult but necessary question. 

Coreprinciples form the soul of any subject.  There are a lot of texts on quality that attempt to define quality and the tools and techniques required to deliver quality. Coreprinciples develop over a period of time. Sometimes decades. They are reinforced by practice and wide-spread adoption. 

During my career as a Baldrige consultant, Six Sigma trainer and practitioner, and change manager I have tried to articulate quality principles as follows:

Quality helps deliver what customers want:The first principle is about quality helping to deliver what the customer wants. Quality and customer are intertwined and inseparable. Quality exits because customers have expectations from the product or service they buy.  

Quality functions in organizations essentially apply tools and techniques to help the organization deliver what the customer wants. Be it inspection, control, assurance, or design, quality helps deliv…