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A quality experience: The ASQ WCQI

Earlier this month I attended the ASQ World Conference on Quality Improvement (WCQI) in Dallas, Texas, USA.  While my primary purpose to visit was to receive in person my Fellow status, it was a delight to stay on at the conference. I am certain I am not alone in feeling this way.
Many of you have helped me on my journey to become a Fellow of the ASQ and continue to help. My most sincere thanks for your help. This post is dedicated to those amongst you who could not visit the conference. Here is my summary of the conference.
Award ceremonies and exhibition opening
For a pre-conference inauguration kind of day this was a packed to the rim day. The day started with opening of the exhibition area.  The exhibition area was something I had not imagined at this scale. In many ways all of us can imagine a speaker session. A large hall, with a glittering dais, huge seating etc. But, to imagine an exhibition center as big as a football ground, I wasn’t ready for that.
It was a delight to see so ma…

Quality Manifesto for a New India: A National Quality Mission

India votes for a new Government – who is focusing on Quality?
It’s the big election time in India. I have studiously avoided commenting on it lest I should lose some friends. However, I recently posted a status on my social accounts:
I did a count on 'Quality' in manifestos of Indian National Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party. Who won? Congress 29 and BJP 26. But BJP got it right on where and what to do with quality. Well done.
I got a lot of questions on what should these political parties have written in their election manifestos. I don’t really know what they should write but I do have a view on what can be done.
I have summarized my views in the form of a National Quality Mission. I would like to see the new government establish a national mission to re-focus on quality. India has a great heritage in quality work. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Textiles, Astronomy, Architecture, you name it. Over last few centuries we have lost this leadership in quality. While I know it will …