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The Organizational Excellence Journey – A Marathon, not a Sprint!

The new CEO of ASQ, Bill Troy, recently informed us about ASQ being awarded the Excellence Level of achievement for the 2014 Wisonsin Forward. With this recognition ASQ has reinforced that it can practice what it preaches. Needless to add, this is a journey for ASQ.  It takes years to get where ASQ has got. But like in all journeys, the key is to start.
The Wisconsin Forward Award is the state level framework of the Malcolm Baldrige framework. I have had some experience using the Baldrige framework with companies in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Australia, and the USA and confirm that it takes a lot to progress on the Excellence journey.
The excellence journey is like running a marathon. The first mile hurts. Your body aches and screams. This part is very physical. You have to overcome this phase to get to the next. Most people quit here. Similarly, in an organizational excellence journey the first phase is the most chaotic. People challenge what you want to do. There is pain all a…