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Growth of Quality: Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

We all love to feel important and usually have a heightened sense of our importance in the larger scheme of things.  We can see this all around – people thinking ‘they’ were the reason for the team’s success. We also see successful managers who join a different setup but fail. This usually happens because much of the success is that of the eco-system around the individual. Everything works in synch, together. Just as the eco-system is important of success of individuals, it is also important for the success of disciplines such as quality.
Bill Troy, CEO of ASQ has asked an important question in his post – How will the future of quality unfold?
In my view most progress is evolutionary if we see it in context of some history. Also, important is to have a justified sense of importance. How important is quality to the CEO? Very important is what we would like to believe. But more important than Finance and Human Resources? Maybe not.  Finance and Human Resources need direct attention fro…

Clear Vision and Focus for Success

Vision and focus are key elements of success. We all know this, but few are able to follow. It takes a lot to remain focused on what we agree to remain focused on. In a recent post Bill Troy, CEO of ASQ, wrote about the clarity of Volvo’s vision. You can read the full post here.
Having worked with the Malcolm Baldrige performance excellence criteria for over 15 years now I am a firm believer in the power of a clear vision. 100s of Baldrige companies have shown that unless we start with a clear idea of where we are going, getting there is impossible.
What is a vision? My Guru, Suresh Lulla, taught me that Vision is of a Visionary. Vision is picture, a snapshot, of the future.  It should be ambitious and have stretch. It is important to have a date to the vision – by when do we want it to come true. For Volvo it’s Vision 2020.
I have been lucky to have worked in a few organizations where there was clarity of vision and focus followed. Here are two of those stories for you:
650+ Baldri…