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The World Needs a More Global Quality

Why Should Quality “Go Global”? Asks Bill Troy, ASQ CEO in a recent blog post. Now this is an interesting question. I would expect Bill to ask ‘Why should ASQ go global?’, but he is asking why quality should go global. I know both are linked but quality is bigger than ASQ. ASQ is a key voice of quality. And there are others too.
In the post Bill has suggested that ASQ was always more global than its stated position. It has had members and offices outside of the USA. I partly buy that argument. While ASQ had members and offices outside of the USA it wasn't thinking about them seriously enough. The tide turned only when the revenue and membership in business showed no signs of growth. There is nothing wrong with that though. Most businesses look for other territories or products only when the current ones slow down.
So, why should quality ‘go global’? I think quality is fairly global already. It is taught and practiced all over the world – the developed, the developing, and the under…