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Future of Quality – a realistic view and key concerns

Quality is a profession for most of us in ASQ and hopefully passion for some. Our future depends on Quality’s future. Our livelihood depends on how quality fares today and in the future. While we all would like to see quality progress and benefit from its progress we would be more concerned with quality’s progress in the medium term. Medium term (five to ten years) impacts our careers most. It is here that studies such as ‘Future of Quality’ make a difference. They offer us a window into the future.
ASQ’s CEO, Bill Troy has written about the recently released study – Future of Quality on his blog. Bill offers a summary of the study and then invites readers to study the report.
For me the future of quality has at least three scenarios – Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Realistic. The optimistic one is what we would like to see happening; pessimistic is when our worst fears come true; and realistic is what is most likely to happen.
Now I am no clairvoyant but then not being something has never…